3 question video recorded reading 🌙

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What’s going on Tribe Babe!

Thinking to book a video recorded reading with Akasha? 
GREAT! So let’s tell you alittle bit of what you can expect from this video recorded reading

✨ Akasha will send you a link to a video with your reading! Via YouTube link 

✨ Getting your answers about your situation clarified and be aware she’s VERY HONEST! If you don’t like honesty maybeeeee pick another Seer (psychic medium)

✨Be prepared to most likely laugh ... or cry... or for some people they freeze and get in their feelings! 😭 You are free to be yourself okay! Breathe!

✨This session is only 30 -35 mins so be very aware!

✨ When you are done purchasing your reading! PLUS EMAIL AKASHA STRAIGHT AWAY!

🔥 Email : Akashaslairbusiness@gmail.com

leave your name , booking in subject line , and your three questions for Akasha and she will get right back to you! Then you guys can go ahead and schedule your date and time 


❤️ TURN AROUND TIME IS 1-2 weeks depending! 

Please be patient ✨

REFUND -  3 days after booking! After that refunds are not accepted