"Bring Me Abundance"Ritual Bath Salt

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Our Bring me Abundance Ritual bath salt doesn't just have a invigorating smell but the energy behind it is what matters! Ingredients used and passed down Akasha family tree in the voodoo hoodoo culture. Now available for those who might need some help bringing in some visualizations & manifestations.

Spiritual baths aren't just about sitting in the bath. There is the power and intention you put into the water & herbs itself! Used for centuries by kings, queens ,and shamans. When it was time for astral travel or a union of them returning to their soul selves! Ritual baths have the most powerful effect yet! Its up to you on how you use them. 

Bring me abundance bath is used to draw in money, good fortune, stable conditions into your life or yes more abundance in the love life with your partner if its meant of course!

These ritual baths are blessed , and infused with immense intention & power.


If you need a little help place a white or gold candle on each side of your tub when running your bath water. Though most rituals are done at sunrise since thats the best time for your prayers to go up! 

Instructions  come with the ritual baths 🌿✨