" Authentically Me " Lapis Lazuli Crystal Bracelet

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The "Authentically Me" Bracelet made out of lapis lazuli and gold plated hematite for extra protection. 

This Bracelet is made for those who might need some help with the THROAT CHARKA AREA! Not to mention, Lapis lazuli helps to calm the tempers of those who may struggle with it. Bringing in calmness and peace around yourself. This bracelet also encourages self awareness and taking back your power. This helps with those who want to express themselves freely and safely, without holding back!  This rings in compassion, honesty and having nothing but integrity when wearing it. 

Combined with the powerful hematite, which grounds and protect us. prevents you from absorbing the energy from others. Not to mention helping with boosting self esteem , and bringing in more focus.

With the beautiful Saturn charm! 

Is this you? 

This item is handmade by Akasha and made to order 


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