“Unconditional love” Rose quartz Crystal Anklet

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The unconditional love anklet made from genuine rose quartz & small elephant to top off the moon.


handmade item by Akasha & made to order!

Unconditional love is meaning having no strings attach. Love you offer freely without the expectation or conditions in return. This would translate as compassion in other terms as well! Combined with the rose quartz & elephant to help those who might be struggling with love within self & giving love.

For those who may still deal with shame, Guilt, & resentment! Healing from past heart ache, & sadness! Rose quartz has been used greatly for the heart charka!

The elephant symbolizes love, protection, fertility, wisdom and strength! Prosperity & good luck!



please note : Real rose quartz comes in light shades not a dark pink as others would sell. We also have real rose quartz crystals in the shop for reference.