Garnet ( Large )

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This majestic dark pomegranate stone known as garnet holds so much energy! Thats probably why you clicked on this? No, well there is a reason intuition doesn't lie. Hm, you probably saw the pendant but prefer this stone! 

Birthstone: January 

Element: Fire 

Charka : Root charka, Sacral Charka, Heart charka

This is the stone of commitment to oneself an others. This stone inspires love & devotion. Cleanses and re-energies the charkas! 

This stone embodies the energies of passion, creativity , and strength. Garnet can help you to break away from stagnant energies surrounding oneself from their true desires. Help aid you into becoming the best version of yourself possible.

It's commonly wore by women and men as a tool for increasing attraction & passion. Helps harness the sexual energies! also used for manifesting abundance. luck, sex, love, intimacy , and more genuine friendships.

This stones is also made for people to help control anger especially towards one self.