Dragons Blood Sage Smudge

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✨Dragon's Blood Smudge is White Sage infused with Dragon's Blood Resin. Two powerful spiritual cleansing and protection items in one stick!

🦋 White sage is the best known and most popular of all the smudging herbs white sage is used for spiritual cleansing and protection. In addition to it’s spiritual purification properties it is also believed by many to assist in attracting both prosperity and wisdom.
🐉 🩸 Dragons Blood resin has long been used for purification and protection purposes. It is used to drive away negative energy and spirits and is believed to assist in attracting what you wish for!

Not only that it is used in healing practices, call in ones power & strength. Always use this smudge with the best intentions! Please

🔥 Highly encouraged for individuals who participate in readings, rituals , cleansing matters very often!