Zoom Video chat Reading

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 ( Please take note : Akasha has the right to refuse service to anyone, that she may encounter & does not see fit

Readings are all ( Pacific Time/ Los Angeles)  

 This reading with Akasha is just like the ones you see on her platforms. This is mixture between mediumship & tarot if she is called to ever pull cards. mediums are able to contact the dead & speak directly to them. Their bodies are used as vessels as we are put into a trance ( sleep)

With that being said before booking please be mindful this is about self development and learning your lessons on your journey. Some things may not be easy to hear but the truth will always stick more than illusion. 

When booking be mindful that, you will get a reading on what you NEED to know, not what you WANT  to know. Your spirit team are the ones who reveal everything that must be revealed depending on what part of your journey you are on 


Don’t ask for general. Be specific 


Please be mindful of Akasha refund policies and disclaimers that is sent out in your email with the link provided to you! Around the time your reading is near!