Amethyst Crystal Pendant

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Ahh, Good ole Amethyst! ( OTY. 1 ) 

The one that relieve stress, and anxiety for those! Not to mention us pretty color!

Majority natural amethyst runs a little light so don't be alarmed when you get it! 

Associated with the : Third eye charka, and crown charka 

Its helps with spiritual awareness, peoples abilities, balance within one self especially with finding more inner peace! 

Did you know it helps guard against psychic attacks! Thats why its so popular among people! Crystals are nothing but energy! Use your intentions wisely! They listen! 

This is also great for the moody people as well if it wasn't mentioned before! Perhaps you need a good night sleep? Maybe wanting to help with your dream! This is what we call the beginner friendly crystal!

Comes with a gold filled 23.5 inch Cocoon necklace chain! 


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