“Calm tf down” Flower Amethyst Bracelet

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As seen by the tittle of the bracelet, that’s actually what this it for! Our exquisite flower amethyst bracelet made for those that highly struggle with stress & high anxiety! Amethyst helps activates one spiritual awakening which is why this is the most used stone among people! Not only because of it’s beautiful color but the properties it holds! 

This stone is also used for insomnia! Which Akasha keeps a big amethyst by here at all times for that to help! Not only that, it’s used for helping with dreams & also removing the bad dreams. 

Amethyst also helps with wisdom and enlightenment! Which is why some say this is the one most powerful stones! We agree!

decorated with some beautiful sliver gems for your viewing pleasure of course!

is this bracelet for you? 

All items and handmade with love by Akasha & blessed! Bracelets are made to order!  special designed for you! 

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