Diosa ( Goddess Bath ) Ritual Bath salts

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Wanting to open your heart space? Awaken your yin energy more after you’ve felt hopeless. 
our divine feminine energy is very important in tuning back into the state of love & flow. This bath is made purely to awaken those sense & energy within you to come back to self. 

Yes! This can be used if you’d like to attract more love energy towards you as well! Whether in love, friendships , or perhaps you are having a night with your loved one.


Comes with a small packet of coconut milk to aid in your milk bath for this product to really tune into the goddess bath.

Used for centuries by queens & kings in many tribes in the voodoo hoodoo culture! Many shamans , and witch doctors to aid in the health of many, bringing in , or taking something out. Even used for astral travels & union back to your higher self. 

Instructions come with the bath salts ✨


Blessed , and infused with the immense intent & powerful possible. All handcrafted