"F**K Off" Protection Oil

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Handcrafted and blessed by Akasha 


Protection oil or some would call it anointing oil or in hoodoo we call it ( condition oils )  is has been used in many cultures and rituals to ward off malicious intentions. Especially for energies that you can not see. This oil is handcrafted by Akasha , a recipe used by her family passed down. 

This protection oil is blended with olive oil, cassia , and other herbal oils that aid in the protection you cast.

This protection oil is for aiding in blocking any forces that want to cause harm and purify your aura. This oil is place in a travel safe roller for easier application to use when anointing the body. This can also be used on sacred objects, the body of course and jewelry. 

Rub some down on your doors to prevent negativity from entering your home and/room.  Even put it on a charcoal disk but only use a drop if you open the roller. 


One of the other ways this can be highly effective is to use it in your spiritual bath. Simply open up the roller. ( Bigger size dropper oils coming soon ) In the bath, rub your hand through the water reciting pslams 54 or 91. bless the water and finish your bath. 

You can even get a black candle, and you can write down what you wanting spirit to help you with and/or get rid of. by anointing the candle ( a thick one if possible ) anoint it from the wick to the base. you can also recite the pslams 91  for this. 


For the body, you can anoint the back of the neck, behind the ears, under the arms, the wrists, inner thighs, the ankles, and some also do their lower back but thats preferably.