🔮Akasha Phone call Reading

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🦋You will be receiving as much guidance and information on yourself and also you situation! we dive deeper into your life to help guide you into better. All from your angels and spirit guides. This can be in your love life, self development, charka energy healing and etc.

🦋 This is phone call session ✨ Please provide your contact information so I can reach you!

✨ Also provide your own details and questions for your reading ✨ Life/ love/ business / relationships/ Self 


✨ Please note that if you miss the call I will have to reschedule our appointment for a later date! Please be ready that day! 

✨ Also note, on my part readings do run behind schedule because they can go for 1hr + so don’t worry if your scheduled you will still be seen and I’ll make sure to notify you via Email to see if you’re ready and update your ❤️