“ I release you now” rhodonite bracelet

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This intense bracelet. Rhodonite known for being the major helper in releasing emotional & mental trauma from our past & helping us view our experiences from a different perspective. Giving us the nice push we need if we might be struggling with having to learn to accept thing as they are.

 This stone is brings a fresh new healing energy into your spiritual & physical body! Some people don’t know that stones also effect out physical vessel as well! This helps puts you in the path of unconditional love, compassion for yourself & past traumas so now you can finally let the love in you want some desperately. From family , love, friendships, you name it.

Wear this bracelet on your left hand ( yin energy) the receiver hand 

This stone works with the heart charka + root charka 

its not only for activating blocked heart spaces & such but we also have to look into the foundation the root! Safety & feeling safe with someone we can trust! Plus our outside environments.

All Handcrafted by Akasha - Blessed - Anointed- by as much intentions for you. 
please allow a week since these are special made to order & some designs may differ depending on the person she makes them for.