Money Magnet Conjure Oil

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Looking into attracting more financial abundance? You are looking at the right place! This oil is to be used on your dollars biils, you can put this on tips that you give people so that it comes back to your 10x more! ALWAYS BE SURE TO SAY "THANK YOU" 

When using this on manifestation that Akasha taught you on instagram and YouTube! Put it on your manifestation. Be sure to pray & set the intention. Be sure that you are doing the work on the physical plane as well. Cant give and do nothing & think you're gong to receive! Now allow the divine to works its magic! 


This is great to use when, you're using Akashas " Money drawing " candle! As this is a blessed product & all her items work together. Anoint your body with this oil, as you pray with the candle! Do this also before you go to work as well! 

Prayers & intentions are everything!