Past Life Reading with Akasha

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Welcome foolish mortals! The gates are now opened to the past life readings!

Please take note : Akasha has the right to refuse service to anyone, that she may encounter & does not see fit

This can be pretty interesting, because your past life lessons and scenarios are most likely playing out before your eyes!

Many of us have had 100, to 86 past lives! Yes1 That many! Who were you,  what were your lessons? What is it this lifetime you have to learn? Why do you do act the way you do now? 

These session are a 1-2 hour long between each client that books! All done in pacific time frame.

This is a regression - Meaning a hypnosis so you will be put into a trance/sleep so be mindful if you're someone who may have a hard time tapping into calmness & letting go of much control. it happens but requires a lot of trust! 

 Rules and regulations 

  • Refunds are not OPTIONAL! NO EXCEPTIONS Unless processed through Akasha herself due to personal reasons 


  • please on the day of, Be in a quiet space, Comfortable, No outside interruptions, No driving while reading is in process. If so, the reading will be canceled & rescheduled for another day


  • Please allow 15 min time frame before reading begins. Akasha has to cleanse between each session


  • Some readings do go over the time limit so please allow time in-between each reading.