Rude Rue

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Ruda Rue, also know as the herb of grace, destroys evil and evil intentions. It transforms negativity into the power of victory. is also used to bring blessings of love and prosperity. n Santeria, rue is one of the main ingredients used in purification rituals. In hoodoo, it is a powerful protection herb and is often used in the crafting of talisman for that purpose. Rue is frequently used in hoodoo & Santeria/Native American spirituality for both hex breaking and evil eye protection, casting out evil spirits that you cant see but can feel in your environment & aura.  Rue is a well-known herb for love spells from the past as well as for protective magic and boosting psychic abilities. Please note that this herb is sacred and we need to protect our plants. 

Please have windows open when you are clearing out your space and. bring sunlight into your home for that extra boost of clearing. It's best to do this early in the morning to clear.