Smokey Quartz Necklace

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smoky quartz is known for assisting with your overall well being. Those who often wear smoky quartz found themselves releasing more baggage they probably didn't know was stored inside their bodies. Crystal are from the earth as we are so crystals are use to aid us on our day to day ventures.

smoky quartz helps with surrendering old wounds, helps with stability & grounding.Also a stone to wear for detoxifying the body from the negative energy that is stored in our vessels. Especially those that often vibrate at lower vibrations too often! Aids in those with depression, needing a sense of calmness, and bringing in more balance! This helps reconnects you to the earth where we naturally vibrate with!

Charkas focused: Base charka and solar plexus 

Elements : Earth and Air


Please be mindful these are natural stones so, that means they will crack once they have taken up on the energy it was suppose too! Please be mindful of that! Cleanse your necklace with a cleansing spray ( This stone can be get wet ) or sage the stone as well.