Taking back my energy Evil eye bracelet

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Handcrafted,  blessed by Akasha with oils & as much power 

The eyes of envy, negative emotions , and dislike is usually what the evil eye is known for. yes, the amulet represents the energy of bad thoughts that may seem, how do you say fit.

People in other cultures see the evil eye itself as something more reflective and absorbent. Meaning, the bad intentions aimed towards you are instantly sent back and put into the hands of Karma. Its absorbent and magnet for all things negative that might be around and sent towards you.  

No worries! This doesn't mean it stays within the bracelet! Its reflective off of it and goes towards the person who has the ill intent.

if the person wearing this bracelet is the one with ill intent then the energy the person has will be reflected into the physical world to see that they may need to change their actions. 


Blessed and ready for you. Use wisely! Always pray over it when you receive to make it custom to your energy!