" Walking On Sunshine" Citrine Bracelet

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All handmade & blessed by Akasha 

Need a little boost in your life? Perhaps needed a boost in your self esteem or money endeavors this is the bracelet for you.

Citrine is known as the Merchants Stone. This stone is used to help assist in money tasks, bringing in wealth but also maintaining the fortune you receive! 

When wearing this stone its known for of course helping with self esteem & bringing in more confidence in their lives. Not to mention the stone of manifestation, abundance, positive flow or energy in and out, and luck. 

Citrine also helps strengthen, inner light that we all withhold & sparks creativity & imagination. its really ideal for artists & creatives. 

   With carrying those stone as well it guards you against people who try to come into your life and break you down. so this acts like a repellent. Very good shield against those who are jealous and have a lot of spite in their hearts!