Yemaya Spiritual water ( art of surrender & flow )

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the Afro-Caribbean religions of Santería - Yemayá, known as the Queen of the Sea, was brought over the Atlantic Ocean by enslaved West Africans in the late 1500’s. Her name, which translates from the Yoruba language to “the mother of the fish,” has a variety of spellings and pronunciations depending on where she is celebrated and honored in the world, including Yemòja, Yemònja, and Iemanja. As one of the oldest and widely known orisha (powerful, primordial spiritual entities associated with the elements), Yemayá is known for her nurturing love, emotional healing, help with fertility, and protective energies. She’s associated with blue and white, the number seven, pearls, and conch shells, and her offerings include white flowers, white roses, and watermelon. Her domain is not only the ocean, but all water. Wherever there is water, there is Yemayá.It is believed that Yemaya can offer guidance and support to those who seek to tap into their creative potential, helping them to access the insights and ideas that lie within.

In addition to her influence on creativity and inspiration, Yemaya is also seen as a source of healing and renewal. As the guardian of the oceans, she is believed to possess the ability to cleanse and regenerate and is often called upon to bring healing and balance to those in need.Call on Yemaya for issues of fertility, inspiration, acquiring ancient wisdom, blessings, compassion, inspiration, and female powerAs a deity of the waters, it is natural to request Yemaya's assistance in the form of a ritual bath