"Highly Favored" Protection & Reveal Bracelet

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 You're going to be OKAY! You were guided towards this amulet for a reason. This is enchanted with not only the stone but properties to help you at your lowest. Struggling with depression? perhaps you don't know you are? this one will help you open to see more go what's going on. Let's not forget the protection and strength properties it has! Dealing with bad friendships? partners? environment? lack of stability ? This is the one! Yes it will REVEAL it to you just in case you arent paying attention! BEWARE! IF YOU ARE THE ONE CAUSING CHAOS AND NEGATIVITY IT , WILL REVEAL IT TO YOU ALSO!

Overall it's used to ground, purify, and help you stabilize!  

Infused with the evil eye charm for some extra glam but also rid people with weird intentions. 

All Handmade by Akasha and anointed by her. This item is also made to order