Higher Calling | Blessed Bracelet

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NEVER BUY JUST ANY BRACELETS FROM ANYONE! Energy transfer is real & you want it blessed by someone you trust! Also knowing how to take care of them! 

Higher calling bracelet created with the stone " Fluorite" 

Often those attracted to this bracelet need help with clearing mental fog & finally listen to not only their own intuition on situations & themselves. Yet listening to what spirit has been trying to tell you through different forms. Some call this the "PSYCHIC VACCUM" getting rid of all thats blocking you to see through delusion/ chaos of the minds. 

This also helps encourage to have a deeper understanding in your connection that isn't so ego based as well. This helps the wearer not only learn that self compassion is needed within their journey but can show up for new connections to come as well. 

This aids in helping others stay calm in turbulent times & reminding you to return back to focus when wore. This bracelet is wore to remember to find peace & serenity within not only yourself but the present moment. This stone also shows up for people who might unknowingly battle with depression , auto immune issues, arthritis , spine issues .