" Tranquility & Self trust" | Blessed Bracelet

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NEVER BUY JUST ANY BRACELETS FROM ANYONE! Energy transfer is real & you want it blessed by someone you trust! Also knowing how to take care of them! 

This bracelet crafted with impression shows up in someone's life when someone is going through a time where they are lacking trust , courage & the feeling they can overcome anything. This particular bracelet was created & programmed for those who need a reminder that they can not only trust themselves but to encourage them to keep going no matter how it looks.

Not only that it sends a message to take care of your physical & emotional health now more than ever as this is linked to reasons of loss. Wearing this will bring up not only emotions but thoughts related to such. Things causing it but also things to help navigate through a time where you feel all hope is gone. 


How to cleanse me?

Keep cleansed every month. If called every two weeks. 

you can charge & cleanse under the full moon, use you favorite herb, spiritual water as well reciting a scripture or your own words into the item.